Rainbow Peacock Tail

$ 65.00

Now you can just get tails!  Choose a design that suits your fancy.  Peacocks and rainbows, beauty inspired by nature for a bold and fearless look.

Peacock’s are known for their beautiful iridescent plumage.  Why shouldn’t you get to partake in some of their beauty?

(Swimwear & Fins are sold separately).

The shades of our fabrics may vary due to availability of fabric.

Take a look at our Measurement Chart to select which size will suit your child.

For a matching Swimsuit choose either a Tankini or Bikini Set.

Also please note that the Regular Monofin is necessary when buying a tail for the first time.  So Please remember to add a Monofin by clicking on the size choice below.

The Regular Monofin fits suits all ages

The New Regular Monofin fits suits all ages

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