Lavender Peacock Tail

$ 65.00

Now you can just get tails!  Choose a design that suits your fancy.  In the past purple was known to be the colour of royalty as the dye was expensive.  You can see why so many have been allured by its beauty.

Peacock’s are known for their beautiful iridescent plumage.  Why shouldn’t you get to partake in some of their beauty?

(Swimwear & Fins are sold separately).

The shades of our fabrics may vary due to availability of fabric.

Take a look at our Measurement Chart to select which size will suit your child.

For a matching Swimsuit choose either a Tankini or Bikini Set.

Also please note that the Regular Monofin is necessary when buying a tail for the first time.  So Please remember to add a Monofin by clicking on the size choice below.

The Regular Monofin fits suits all ages

The New Regular Monofin fits suits all ages

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