Steps and tips to get started safely…

  • It is advised that you try and swim in the shallow end in just the monofin until you are proficient.  The monofin is easier to put on when it is wet.
  • Practice turning over onto your back when you get tired.
  • Practice kicking off the monofin by pushing away with one foot and then hooking your free foot around the bottom to push the other foot free.
  • Now you are ready for your tail, take the monofin off.  To put the tail on you will need to pull it up like a giant sock and have your feet sticking out the bottom (make sure you are sitting poolside to do this).  Put the monofin on and pull the tail skin over by pulling one side over at a time to avoid damaging the tail.
  • Now practice the same skills you used when you were just swimming in the monofin.